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I'm a smart and very digitally engaging writer, web designer, and Internet marketer with a strong track record of delivering results that clients are thrilled with!

After earning my Bachelors of Business Administration in 2009, majoring in Entrepreneurship at Belmont University in Nashville, TN:

1. I created, promoted, and wrote all the web page copy for an online fundraiser that raised $50,000 in one day for a US Senate candidate's exploratory committee in 2009. (He's currently a US Senator.)

2. I was accepted for the highest paying internship in Washington DC in 2010, writing for a youth activism non-profit to raise traffic to their website and increase their donations.

3. From 2010 - 2012 I wrote viral articles that got a ton of social media shares for a 501(c)3 non-profit in San Diego on a WordPress-based website. I published 111 articles for them in 2012.

They had a combined total of 38,049 Facebook Likes, 2,392 tweets, and 1497 comments. That averages to 343 Facebook Likes, 22 tweets, and 13 comments per article.

4. In 2013 I designed a website for a local group of four Nashville physicians with seven locations and wrote all the copy, headlines, and HTML elements for the website with the goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As of 2017 they still rank #1 on Google for the service they provide if you do a search in the greater Nashville Metropolitan area.

5. In 2013 I also wrote five viral articles for a Brooklyn, New York-based media company that averaged 12,026 views and 7599 social media shares per article (one of them was tweeted by a Grammy award winning rock musician and an Academy Award winning documentary maker in the same day).

6. In 2016 - 2017, I wrote nine articles for a Quebec-based media company with a combined total of 391K views, averaging to 43,000 views per article.

7. From 2017 - 2019 I earned $10,000+ on UpWork writing freelance articles for clients ranging in topic from political news and op eds, to email list newsletters about private placement real estate investments for high net worth investors, to cryptocurrency, to the cannabis industry, to blog posts for local business professionals that included cosmetic surgeons, dentists, patio pavers, kitchen and bathroom remodelers, plumbers, and travel agents.

8. In 2019 I wrote a professional 2x daily column for the largest cryptocurrency news website by traffic in the world, covering cryptocurrency, financial technology, stock market news, Silicon Valley news, and political op eds.

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